We’re on the Map

After compiling a list of the labyrinths and mazes for our recent London Walking Tour, we got curious about just how many are scattered around the British Isles. Answering that question has taken us several weeks of intense research, and we have now compiled an interactive map to provide that information to the world. We’re so proud of it! And we think it is going to prove immensely useful to Brits and visitors alike.

At this point in time, there are over 250 public labyrinths and mazes listed in Britain! The map on the website is interactive; as you zoom in, the icons will divide and multiply – the closer you get, the more specific the map becomes. Clicking on an icon will display information about the ones you are interested in. (To get to the map, click the image above in this post or follow the links on our website.)

Now that we’ve shown our map to the world, we’re certain that we’ll start seeing new information coming in from all of you as you let us know what’s in your area. We have established a few basic guidelines. The ones listed are permanent labyrinths and mazes that are essentially open to the public. For the sake of privacy and safety, therefore, some examples have been left off the map – hospices, for example, may not want casual visitors, and schools may need to restrict access. If you have a suggestion for a new inclusion, please let us know through our Add a Labyrinth/Maze form. If it is on private property, we will need the permission of the owner to show it on the map.

We hope you’ll enjoy the map and that it will prove useful in planning your next British road trip.

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