Who We Are

Connected by a love of the labyrinth, the coordinators of Labyrinths in Britain all work with the labyrinth in the UK, but we come from different backgrounds. Our unwritten goal is to weave a community of labyrinth enthusiasts by providing information about British labyrinths and the events being planned on and around them. We also work together to plan small gatherings on an occasional basis.

Kay Barrett – Among many other things, Kay is a singer and voice teacher, and a facilitator of quiet days, including labyrinth walks. She embraces the practice of walking the labyrinth as a simple and wise way of opening to a prayerful and meditative state. She is the Veriditas Regional Representative for the UK and beyond. www.kayspathway.com

Andrew Godfrey is a photographer with a special interest in folk traditions. Andrew keeps an eye on our Facebook Group and leads the conversation with his beautiful photographs and excellent observations of the labyrinths he visits.

Jacqueline Kurio is a labyrinth scholar-practitioner and the owner of Living Earth Labyrinths. She is completing her PhD in Transformative Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies where her research focuses on the healing made possible when humans bring loving attention to the living world through active, communicative engagement with the labyrinth. When not drawing and walking beach labyrinths, Jacqueline loves poetry, landscape photography, and music.

Jeff Saward, leading labyrinth historian and director of Labyrinthos. He is also the founder and editor of two journals, Caerdroia, the Journal of Mazes and Labyrinths and  Labyrinth Pathways, the Labyrinth in Health, Spirituality and the Arts. He administers the Worldwide Labyrinth Locator website on behalf of the Labyrinth Society and Veriditas, and consults, speaks, and writes on all things labyrinthine, including labyrinth history and design. www.labyrinthos.net

Kimberly Saward, director of Labyrinthos and co-editor of Caerdroia and Labyrinth Pathways. She is past president of The Labyrinth Society, and a writer and artist.  Bringing her perspective as a psychologist and lifelong student of spiritual practice, pilgrimage and sacred sites, she is currently researching modern and historic labyrinths, comparing and contrasting their uses in folk customs, mythology, and spiritual development. www.ariadnesthread.net and www.walkingintheworld.net 

Jan Sellers is a writer and lecturer who leads short courses and retreats (often with labyrinth themes) for organisations and groups including the Retreat Association, Veriditas and Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre. Jan is passionate about labyrinths as a peaceful and creative resource, in higher education and further afield. Her publications include Learning with the Labyrinth (2016) and Working with the Labyrinth (2012).   www.jansellers.com

Andy Wiggins, chief designer and project manager at The Labyrinth Builders, has a background in garden design and landscaping, and now installs beautiful bespoke labyrinths here in the UK. Working with his brother Rob, they are founding members of the  Association of Professional Landscapers (APL). They have won numerous awards and are also Hampton Court Flower Show medallists. www.labyrinhbuilders.co.uk