Map of UK Labyrinths & Mazes

Looking for labyrinths and mazes in the UK? Use this map to scroll around the country to see where to find around 500 nationwide. To use the map, simply zoom in and out. The markers will expand and separate as you zoom in. The closer in you zoom, the more detailed the map becomes. Labyrinths have green icons on this map, mazes are marked in red – click on the icons and a short summary of information will appear.

Some of the locations listed here are detailed on the Worldwide Labyrinth Locator website, and we suggest you check there for further information; those not currently listed on the Labyrinth Locator are marked with an asterisk (*) – you should google these locations for further information and opening hours, etc., if you plan to travel to see a specific maze or labyrinth, as some have limited access or require permission to visit.

The examples featured on the map are largely permanent installations, though a few (such as mown labyrinths) may be seasonal. We have not listed maize mazes or portable canvas labyrinths. Why are we including mazes on this map? Labyrinths and mazes have a similar lineage, and there are many crossovers, both in design and in those who are interested in them. We hope you will enjoy seeing what is available here in Britain!

If you know of other permanent labyrinths and mazes in the UK not currently on the map, let us know so we can add them! We do, however, have a general policy of only listing those that are publicly accessible and not in sensitive locations (hospices, schools, etc), unless there is good reason to do so or where visitors are welcome. To add a labyrinth or maze to our map, fill out the Add a Labyrinth/Maze form on our website.