Labyrinths in Britain FB Changes

Photo: Labyrinthos

Temporary labyrinth by Clive Johnson, World Labyrinth Day 2015. Photo by Jeff Saward

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Labyrinths in Britain acquired an online presence some years ago when we started a Facebook Page so that we’d have a place to make announcements and share information and enthusiasm. Since 2013, over 300 people have followed us there.

Now that we have a dedicated website, our Facebook needs are changing so we are switching to a Labyrinths in Britain Facebook Group to enable members to interact and upload their photos more easily, and all member posts will now be treated equally. This feels a lot fairer and more interesting!

I have set the group to be Public so that posts can be seen by anyone, regardless of membership, but only members can upload posts and photos. Please join us and show us what you’re doing!

To find us: 

Can I help? If you would prefer to have me simply add you to the group, just message me through FB or our website. I appreciate your patience as we make these changes and work our way through the inevitable learning curve. Our old FB Page won’t be taken down immediately, but the action is moving to the Group.

If you’d like to receive these news updates by email so you don’t miss out, please fill in the form on the right. We don’t ever share your details!

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